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Towels with "TOILE DE JOUY" fabric, ideal for decorating classic or rustic bathrooms.

The characteristic toile de jouy print is totally essential in decoration, since it was born in France in 1760 until today, this fabric, in its most classic line or with updated versions, continues to be an essential wardrobe item in the collections of textile brands for home clothes.


1 - Shower Towels (70cm x 140cm).
1 - Washcloth Towels (50cm x 100cm).
1 - Bath towels (33cm x 50cm).

Very good quality towels, in two combinable colors, if you buy two sets, one of each color, they will combine perfectly and you will be able to highlight the colors in your bathroom.

Also fabulous to wear as a couple, identifiable, a color for each person in the couple.

Towels that really dry.
There is a good quality price relation.
Towels made of 100% European cotton.
Long fiber combed American terry cloth.
With a grammage of 550 grms/m2.
They do not need softener and use a small amount.
Set of warm and pleasant towels due to their natural softness and high absorption capacity.
Towels that really dry and have great resistance to washing and durability.


Remember that you can personalize the towels by embroidering your initials or full name.

Once the set of towels has been added to the cart, in the EMBROIDERY LETTERS section at the end of the menu you can choose the letter model that you like the most).

When you finish adding the products to the basket, if you have decided to personalize it with your initials or full name, go ahead with the order and a text box will appear, Order and delivery comments, where you can write the letter, initials or the full name you want to embroider.
Upon receiving the order we will call you to make sure that everything is as you want, both the color and the letters, initials or name.

Towels made in Spain.



What is meant by quality in a towel?

In consumer surveys, the perception of the quality of a towel is based on the following characteristics:

• Its absorption capacity. That I know what
• Its softness and texture. have a nice touch
• Its ease of drying. let it dry
• The type of curl, its density and its weight
• Its design and color

A cotton towel is woven using three types of yarn: warp yarn, fill yarn, and terry yarn. The proportion of each varies depending on the density of the towel, but let's say that the terry yarn represents between 50-70% by weight. For each of these component yarns, yarn of different thickness or count can be used, and these can be single-stranded (a single yarn) or double-stranded (two twisted yarns).

The final characteristics of a towel are basically the result of the combination of the characteristics of the component yarns, and the final finish given to the fabric. In turn, the quality of the cotton thread is measured, among other parameters, by the fiber length, elasticity, resistance, torsion, and the number of defects it presents.

The quality of a towel fundamentally depends on the quality and characteristics of the cotton yarn used to weave it, and very particularly the terry yarn. When the terry yarn is single-ply, we speak of American terry, while if the terry yarn is two-ply, we speak of conventional terry.

The density of a towel or terry cloth, expressed in grams per square meter (g/m 2 ), gives us a measure of the quantity of cotton and normally higher density is associated with higher quality, which is not necessarily true. Towels of equal densities can have very different qualities. Thus, for example, a very short fiber cotton thread requires high twists to achieve sufficient resistance and this leads to a rougher fabric that will require a greater amount of softener in its finish.

Obviously, the more softener a towel requires to achieve a pleasant touch, the lower the quality of the yarn that it is made of, and the worse its performance in terms of absorption and drying capacity.

We indicate on the labels of our towels that, due to their quality, they do not need fabric softener.

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