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Tablecloths Hand embroidered in Lagartera, the most famous in Spain, are tablecloths and sheets of great quality and long tradition.

The " Lagarteras' works " or " Lagarteras' embroidered  " are fine and elaborate hand-made embroidery, tablecloths, sheets, blankets, quilts and many other products. They are originally from the village of Lagartera (Toledo) Spain.

They uses the traditional techniques and designs and more careful finish, which can be "desilaos" threads  outs or count "contaos" and / or cross stitch. Some work is a true work of art.

Have feature, and common for Work and Embroidery Lagarteras', is that jobs are hand embroidery and thread.

On the other hand, now you can choose from wire (traditional) or fabric of Panama (easy ironing) and are embroidered by hand or machine.