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Extendable bath bars, which are placed under pressure, are easier to install and more economical.

The shower curtain rods require precautions that must be taken into account to avoid accidents and to care for the rod and shower curtain.

Both the bar and the shower curtain are a key element in the decoration of the bathroom, as well as fulfilling the important function of providing privacy and preventing the floor from getting wet outside the shower tray or bath.

It is important that the curtain slide easily through the bar that holds it and that it is securely attached to the wall. The bar can be pressure-tight between two pressurized surfaces or walls.

Bars for shower curtains

The bars that are press fit are extensible.

They are composed of two cylindrical pieces. The smaller diameter has one of its ends inside the other and, depending on the needs, the total length is regulated through an internal system that leaves them fixed in the desired position. As the stability of the assembly depends on the pressure exerted on two surfaces, this type of bars only serve when they must occupy the entire extension between two walls or surfaces that can support it.

The main advantages of this system are its easy installation, the possibility of removing and repositioning the bar and its low cost.

To make sure that the bar will fit properly, the first thing to do is to give it a few inches more than necessary. Then one of its ends is placed in the position you want it to occupy and, taking care that that point does not change, the other end approaches the desired location.

As the extension of the bar is greater than the distance between the two points, the bar can not remain horizontal at first: it is then when it will have to be pressed on it, in order to force the cylinder of smaller diameter to enter more in the greater. In that way, the bar will reach the necessary length to be well held under pressure between both walls.

The main advantages of this system are the ease of its placement, the possibility of removing and replacing the curtain rod as many times as necessary and its low economic cost.

Precautions for bath and shower curtain care

For the greater care of the appearance and useful life of the bar and bath curtain, it is advisable to attend to a series of recommendations that are listed below.

  •     Avoid jerking or exerting excessive force on the curtain. It should be run smoothly, trying to place the hand as close as possible to the washers or eyebolts and thus also to the bar.
  •     After taking a shower or a bath, extend the curtain as much as possible and ventilate the room, in order to dry it as soon as possible. If the moisture remains for a long time, the material and appearance of the curtain will soon deteriorate. Make sure the curtain stays extended most of the time.
  •     If mildew appears, rinse with water mixed with lye and then rinse with plenty of water and allow to dry thoroughly before re-attaching.
  •     The curtain should not be too high, since the highest levels of temperature and humidity are recorded near the ceiling of the bathroom. It is advisable to have at least 20 centimeters between the ceiling and the top of the curtain. It is also necessary to avoid that the bottom part touches the ground, since if it stays in contact, the humidity will accumulate there, with the same consequences.

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