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Reversible summer quilt or boutie in high-end, fine-thickness microfiber fabric, ideal for beach houses, summer houses or for daily use in your usual home.

The quilt is reversible, both sides have two different patterned drawings in blue tones.

You have the opportunity to change the decoration of your room with the simple gesture of turning the bedspread.

Soft Touch Treatment: Extra soft touch, imitating cotton.

The outer fabric is 100% polyester and the padding is 100% cotton.

Quilt 270 cm long, to cover the pillow well when making the bed.

Made with perimeter tape in tune with the quilt and also the lower corners are rounded.

Plastic-free collection. Includes a cloth bag with the same drawing as the bouti to store the product in the best and most original way between seasons.

It includes a decorative cushion cover with the same pattern as the bouti, also reversible, each of the faces of the cushion corresponds to one of the faces of the bouti, so that you can also change the decoration just by turning the cushion around.



You can measure the height of the bed and the width to discover which measure best suits your needs.

Normally the quilts come for standard beds, if your bed is very high or very low, you must measure and add the heights twice, add the width of the bed and in this way you will know what is the ideal size of quilt for your bed.

90/105cm bed: 200x270cm + 1 50x50cm cushion cover

Bed 135/140cm: 235x270cm + 2 cushion covers of 50x70cm

150/160cm bed: 250x270cm + 2 50x70cm cushion cover

Bed 180/200cm: 280x270cm + 2 cushion covers of 50x70cm

The garment is made with a special treatment to prevent it from shrinking or loosening balls.

They are quilts that are very easily washed in a washing machine with cold water and do not wrinkle at all, they do not need to be ironed.

Resistant to washing and great durability.


We recommend:

.- Combine the quilt with matching BED FOOT CARPETS in one of the colors of the quilt.

.- You can also combine it with our set of sheets, add cushions or a sofa blanket that give it a more special air, in this way you will get an infinite number of combinations to give your room a unique look.

The wrinkled effect and its elegant preparation with a Jacquard ribbon in tune with the garment are important details that give it great differentiation from other more basic products to decorate your bed.

These quilts are made in Spain.



Made from fragments of printed cotton fabric carefully sewn in the form of a patchwork.

Its back is made of printed cotton fabric and its padding is light, ideal for halftime and as a complement on winter nights.

They are quilts made with the love of things well done, taking care of the details: the making of the patchwork geometry itself, the surrounding frames that combine with each other, beige profiles between the fabrics or sometimes lace or lace appliqués that highlight their Provencal allusion. .

Its lower corners are rounded for a proper fit when making the bed.

It is a reversible cotton quilt that comes with a 50x50 cm square cushion. (without padding) matching for a single bed and two cushions for a double bed, add extra cushions of various colors to decorate in a more fun way.



In spring and summer the protagonists of the houses are the summer bedspreads or buites.

Remove the duvet and renew your bedroom with the colors of spring with a good summer quilt or copriletto.

They are very light quilts, fresh and full of light, with which to say goodbye to the cold of winter.

The bedspreads multiply the light that enters the room and fill the room with light.

Think about the color of the wall and look for a color that combines or contrasts, we make the summer quilts in two colors to choose from.

Buty bedspreads have very bright and cheerful colors ideal for any bedroom.

Decorate the bedroom of your house with joy, with flower prints of different shapes and sizes, with these colorful summer quilts.

It is the reflection of a young and happy spirit that fills every corner with vitality.

With this colorful quilt you can decorate your room quickly and easily, it is also very easy to make the bed, you stretch the quilt and that's it!


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