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This in a good quilt, from the old ones.

Ideal quilt for winter, medium high thickness 200grs./m2

Made of 50% combed cotton fabric; surprisingly pleasant to the touch, perfect to wear every night and sleep with, it is a real delight to the touch.

Two colors to choose from, blue or earth, with a very modern texture and diamond or diamond pattern.

The padding is a perfect balance of thickness and lightness, absolutely exquisite, of excellent quality, it looks fabulous on the bed: 100% elegant.

The comforter comes with two matching cushion covers, but you can add more cushions in other colors if you want to complete the decoration of your room.

Fabric composition:

-100% combed cotton


-Stone Wash

-Filling 200 grs / m2

Available measures:

Bed 135 cm. Funda de 235x270 cm
Bed 150 cm. Funda de 250x270cm
Bed 180 cm. Funda de 270x270 cm

Product made in Spain.


Wash Terms


Maximum temperature 40 degrees.
Wash, rinse, short and smooth with reduced spin

noblanquear Do not use bleach or similar bleaching, prohibited.
 lavadoseco Dry Wash, any kind of mineral and perchlorethylene solvent may be employed.
Washing should be soft, with caution and reduced spin if machine
no_secadora NOT tumble dry.
planchamedia Average iron temperature.


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