VAT included

Duvet cover or sack with two cushions with a very contemporary design in multicolored floral prints.
  • 100% cotton percale.
  • Density of 200 threads.
  • Very resistant to washing and long durability.
  • It can be machine washed 30º.
The set consists of Saco for the Nordic and one or two cushions, according to size.

Duvet covers available for:

    For beds of 90cm / 105cm the bag of 160x240 cm. + 1 Pillow 45x115 cm.

    For beds of 135cm / 140cm the sack of 220x240 cm. + 2 cushions 45x75 cm.

    For beds of 150cm / 160cm the bag of 240x260 cm. + 2 cushions 45x85 cm.

    For beds of 180cm / 200cm the bag of 260x270 cm. + 2 cushions 45x95 cm.


* The density of 180 threads per inch or more is directly related to smoothness and quality. The more threads per inch the fabric has, the finer they are and this determines the softness of the sheet.

This is so, because when weave, that is to say, to interweave the threads of the weft with those of the warp, volume is produced in the fabric, the finer the threads, the more volume is produced and the softer and lighter the final fabric.

* Percal cotton is a type of fabric that refers to the shape or structure in which cotton fibers interlock.

In the structure of the calico the fibers cross each other along and across the width of the fabric alternately. A thread across by a thread along, and so on.

The structure of the calico makes this fabric breathable and generates a pleasant sensation of freshness. It is not the softest to the touch but it is very nice and it gains in resistance.

Cotton is a soft, fresh and light material, hence it is one of the most used in the manufacture of bedding.

The bedding with 100% cotton fabrics has very good resistance, does not get lint, adapts to body temperature and is very pleasant to the touch.



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