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VAT included

Duvet cover with a drawing of classic squares in gray on a white background, very contemporary.

Duvet cover printed with a density of 150 threads 30/30 passes.

All our duvet covers come with a cloth bag to store in the closet.

50% Cotton 50% Polyester fabric, resistant to washing, great durability and easy ironing.

The percentage of sufficient cotton that provides the best comfort, ease and resistance to washing and adequate perspiration for a perfect rest.

Full set with duvet cover includes:

.- FITTED SHEET 150 cm + 30 cm for high mattresses.

.- SACK FOR 150 cm BED: 240x220+40 cm flange.

.- PILLOW COVER: 45x175 cm

Product made in Spain.

A touch of quality and style in your bed.


- BED DE 90cm.: COAT 160X220 cm.

.- BED DE 105cm.: COAT 180X220 cm.

.- BED DE 135cm.: COAT 220X220 cm.

.- BED DE 150cm.: COAT 240X220 cm.

.- BED DE 180cm./200cm: COAT 270X220 cm.

* The 180 threads per inch, is directly related to the smoothness and quality. The more yarns per inch the fabric has, the finer it has to be and this determines the softness of the sheet.

Product made in Spain.


Wash Terms


Maximum temperature 40 degrees.
Wash, rinse, short and smooth with reduced spin

noblanquear Do not use bleach or similar bleaching, prohibited.
 lavadoseco Dry Wash, any kind of mineral and perchlorethylene solvent may be employed.
Washing should be soft, with caution and reduced spin if machine
no_secadora NOT tumble dry.
planchamedia Average iron temperature.


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