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Important features of this Nordic feather:

  1. Composition: 95% white goose down (better quality than other goose) and 5% small feather.

  2. Weight: 240 GR / M2 - Light Nordic, neither fat nor fine, perfect for autumn and winter. (Remember that many homes today have heating.)

  3. Fabric: 100% combed cotton high density down proof, 265 gr/m2 fabric, has a capacity to retain and maintain our body temperature, so that the micro-climate inside the Nordic. This is what allows perspiration and maintain the temperature properly so as not to sweat and sleep placidly.

  4. Calorific level Medium / High: This Nordic is prepared to withstand cold temperatures outside (ie external temperatures of our habitat in the 12º / 5º range), ideal for autumn and winter (4º / -3º).

  5. Distribution of the feather: Drawing of large pictures with a separating wall int/ext. Of 3 cm that creates a chamber that favors the correct distribution of the down.

  6. Technical Features: Refers to the technical innovations and brands related to the comforter. Xtrem clean anti-allergy, Maximum filling power 990 cu-inch.

  7. Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years.

  8. PRICE: This quilt has an average price, neither is the most expensive nor the cheapest, definitely one of our favorites.

    The variety of qualities and prices is very high, in addition the differences between them are not so great or many times they are not appreciated enough to pay more or less.

    For example, a quilt may have a cotton fabric and a cotton one of better quality, it really does not appreciate well, but the difference exists.

  9. SIZE: One thing is the size of the bed and another thing is the size of the duvet cover, so you have to keep in mind the two things.

    Many times in a bed of 135 cm. There are people who use a larger sheath because they like the sheath to reach the ground.

    Relation of appropriate sizes of Nordic filler in relation to the bed:

  •     For a bed of 90 cm .: Nordic of 150 x 220cm.

  •     For a bed of 135 cm .: Nordic 180 x 220 cm.

  •     For a bed of 135 cm .: Nordic 220 x 220 cm.

  •     For a bed of 150 cm .: Nordic of 240 x 220cm.

  •     For a bed of 160 cm .: Nordic of 260 x 240cm.

  •     For a bed of 180 cm .: Nordic of 270 x 240cm.

  •     For a bed of 200 cm .: Nordic of 290 x 240cm.


Know basic care:

  •     Maintenance dry cleaning, avoid drying in the sun.

  •     Machine wash T max 60 ° C.

  •     After washing, shake to redistribute down.

  •     Do not shrink, drain, twist or spin.

  •     Use neutral detergent, do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

  •     Aerate and shake gently once a week.


The high degree of comfort offered by the Nordic fillers has made for some years, have begun to displace as heating blankets on the beds.

But the Nordic fillings are still little known outside Scandinavia. It is making it difficult to choose the right one for each household.

The Nordic filling is an ideal complement to relax. The combination of materials insulate the body from cold and moisture from the outside, and its lightness allows you to adjust to the movements that occur during sleep.

His amazing calorific surprising when you consider how little it weighs.

Only those who have ever slept with a filling Nordic is able to understand all its advantages over traditional systems in warm bedding.

The Nordic stuffing should be used only with your duvet cover. Quilts, blankets etc, which are placed above or below the filling will make this loses all its heat properties.

It is very light, facilitating mobility and conforming to the body.

Maintaining stable body temperature throughout the night.

It is 100% natural, so its fill (of feathers and down of birds) as its fabric (100% cotton).

It is breathable and, simultaneously, the best insulator against cold and moisture. This minimizes sweating.

Quality remains in perfect condition for years with simple maintenance.

Practical when making the bed, it does not need sheets, blankets or quilts, only the duvet cover.

The exchange of duvets can renew the look of the room very often.

Feathers are made up of a small rod with a fine filaments. When you lower the boom, the greater their quality.

The down, also known as duvet, is a light and soft ball that lacks cane, consisting of a core of splitting the filaments, comes from the neck of the bird and is the largest heat and insulating power possesses. The higher the down, more harbors and higher quality.

Pen Size:
The smaller integrates pen, higher quality will Norse. The pen may have a size of up to 10 centimeters in the lower, or even below 2 cm in the highest quality.

Filling Power or Calorific: Depending on the size of the pen, and the weight down, that is, the quantity and weight of the filling, the filling will house more or less.

The color of the feather or down (white or gray) does not affect the quality but in price.

The cotton fabric has to be always 100% Down Prof, which is the treatment that is given to the fabric to prevent the filling down the pen and transferred.

Icelands has also developed a special treatment of softness, Icelands Treatment Soft ®, which applies to all Nordic tissue fillers, pillows and cushions.

The interior can be sewn:
.- Simple .- (woven fabric): stitching that draw pictures directly connecting the upper fabric with the bottom. Fill preventing mobility from one frame to another.

.- Stitched partitions: the top and bottom fabric are not sewn directly. Between tissues is a semi-woven "wall" of fabric that allows the filling circulate throughout the comforter.