QUILT 350grs.. FIBER


VAT included

Duvet or Nordic fiber or acrylic duvet, filled with ICEFILL at 350 gr / m2 of density, of high calorific value.

You must decide whether you like it fatter or less, if you prefer to weigh a little more or a little less, the difference is not important.

This comforter is chubby recommended for the winter, keeping constant its calorific power during your rest.

The ICEFILL fiber, which, in addition to its great quality, is an advanced fiber, the synthetic Nordic fillings are lighter and softer, they are very practical and comfortable when making the bed, since these quickly recover their form soon to extend them .

The outer fabrics used are Cottons or Microfibers with touches of peach skin that provide a soft and very pleasant touch, which guarantees comfort night after night.

The outer fabric can be white or colored for direct use without the need for a Nordic sheath.

Discover our wide range of Nordic fiber fillers made up of duvet covers in white and reversible two-tone colors and feel the pleasant sensation of rest under the highest quality and the most advanced fiber, which simulates the touch of down.

Nordic fiber duvets use siliconized hollow fiber which, unlike standard fiber, is made by spinning and leaving microchannels inside the fiber, so that air can circulate freely within the synthetic fibers, making them very much Lighter

The silicone hollow fiber, in turn, has a special coating of silicone that allows the fiber to be much softer and recovers in a short time its original shape, after having been deformed throughout the night, as a result Of involuntary movements while we sleep.

This way you can get a lot of fillings with a lot more volume thanks to its air layers inside and you get a touch of down but with the advantage of synthetic fiber, which can be washed comfortably at home, while natural quilts are Have to dry clean.

Get your nordic acrylic fillers in a wide variety of ranges and colors, to satisfy all types of customers, and always with our guarantee of bedding experts that we take care of your rest.



Compliance REACH Regulation

The REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization of Chemicals) regulation establishes a comprehensive regulatory framework for the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals in the EU. Its purpose is "to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment".



It can be washed in a washing machine with water at 30º.

noblanquear Do not bleach.
siplancha Do not iron much and at low temperature.
lavadoseco   It can be washed dry, but not with products containing trichlorethylene.
no_secadora Do not tumble dry.