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Set of 100% cotton, percale sheets, with a weights of 200 threads per inch.

Ideal for daily use especially in spring and summer, they are cool and transpiran phenomenal.

With a very beautiful stamped design of small liberty flowers.

Available in two pastel colors, blue and purple, this set sheet gives a very Provencal arie to the room.

The printed sheets fit perfectly with romantic bedrooms, with forged or metal headboards or also with painted wicker headboards, thanks to its multitude of colors, we can combine it with any of them and any wall color.

If you combine these sheets with our blue bedspread you have the room perfectly dressed for spring. (View photo)

Valid for lengths of 200 mts and all mattress heights.

High resistance to washing and high durability.

The complete set of 3 pieces consisting of:

1 sheet top sheet 160x270 cm.
1 adjustable sheet of 90x200 cm. + 30cm height.
(Wide, adapts well to all types of mattresses).
1 Pillows 45x110 cm.

BED 135 CM
1 sheet top worktop 220x270 cm.
1 adjustable sheet of 135x200 cm. + 30cm height.
(Wide, adapts well to all types of mattresses).
1 Pillows 45x155 cm.

1 sheet top 240x270 cm.
1 adjustable sheet of 150x200 cm. + 30cm height.
(Wide, adapts well to all types of mattresses).
2 pillows 50x85 cm.

Characteristics of fabric and threads.

100% cotton and the new EASY CARE treatment gives the fabric a softer touch and makes it easier to iron.

The garment from the first wash is virtually wrinkle free.

  • The percale is the most basic type of tissue.

Fabric in which, for its manufacture, a thread is woven through the width of the fabric and a thread along and so on, throughout the weaving process.

It is a fabric of regular structure, which stands out for its natural feel, resistance and excellent breathability.

The quality of a fabric is directly related to both the quality of the yarn and the density of the fabric, which is the number of yarns to the width and length of the fabric.
The quality of the bedding will be higher as more threads have the fabric although it is not the only factor, also the quality of the yarn, manufacturing processes, etc. is important.

Internationally the density of a fabric is defined by the number of threads to the width and length of the fabric that is in a square inch (1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm.).
Tissues with a density of 180 threads (per square inch) are considered to be higher-end fabrics.

Product manufactured in Europe.

* When it appears the number of threads per weft and warp passes usually put for example 30/30, this means that when weaving on the loom 30 threads are crossed in horizontal (weft) and 30 in vertical (warp).

* The 180 threads per inch, is directly related to the smoothness and quality. The more yarns per inch the fabric has, the finer it has to be and this determines the softness of the sheet.

This is because knitting, ie crisscrossing the threads of the weft with those of the warp produces volume in the fabric, the thinner the threads, memos volume is produced and the softer and lighter the final fabric results.

Remember that if you buy these sheets you collaborate with the natural action foundation for conservation of the environment and a part for the fight against breast cancer.


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Condiciones de Lavado

Maximum temperature 40 degrees.

noblanquear No bleaching Do not use bleach, or similar bleaches, totally prohibited.

Do not use dry cleaning.

 secadorasuave Soft dryers.
planchamedia Ironing average plate temperature.


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