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Very good kitchen towels, they dry very well and have great durability and resistance to washing.

Increase the warmth, design, and color in your kitchen with these beautiful and up-to-date kitchen towels.

Pack consisting of 2 coordinated colored kitchen towels:

  •     1 Kitchen towel with drawing of squares fabric made and ..
  •     1 Smooth color dishcloths in cloth/terry matching color.

Available colors: blue, gray, green and orange.

You can buy a pack of 2, 4 or 6 rags of the same coordinated colors.

Honeycomb kitchen towels:

    Manufactured in 400g / m2 of 100% cotton.
    Cool, cheerful and modern colors.
    2-sided cloth, where the back part is curl to increase its absorption.

Cloth kitchen cloths:

    Cloth kitchen cloth made of 260g / m2 100% cotton.
    Weight per unit 230 g / m²

Our garment is for drying your hands, utensils or your kitchen, or to avoid getting dirty, but if you want to preserve its appearance for a long time, do not use it to clean stains or remove spilled liquids, for that there are cloths and the kitchen paper.

To maintain its appearance, we recommend that you do not use softeners when washing. Let them dry outdoors or better still use the dryer.

Produced in a respectful way with the environment in our certified factories.

Wash your kitchen products at 60 °.

Always hang this garment as open as possible, this way you will avoid odors and help drying.

Avoid the use of softeners in the washing of your clothes as they will reduce the drying capacity of them.

Remember that bleach and other chemical products are very hygienic, but very destructive with cotton garments and colors, ...

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