VAT included

Low firmness and medium volume down pillow, it is well filled, it is ideal to sleep on its side.

Composition of 80% Duvet goose and 20% feathers both of European origin, which provides a wonderful sensation of comfort and a relaxing nape of the neck, filling the concavity of the neck in a very soft way.

The fabric of the pillowcase is 100% Cotton Twill Downproff high resistance topped with a seam.

Some consider it inconvenient that they do not have "memory" like other materials such as viscoelastic but if we want them to recover the body it will be as simple as sponging them a bit and they will be perfect.

Another advantage is that they are very durable if they receive the proper care; if we notice that they have lost body with only two minutes in a dryer, they recover their properties.

They are usually of duck, goose or goose and after extracting them they are sterilized so that they are in perfect hygienic conditions.


Washing conditions.

    Wash at max. 30ºC (very soft program).
    Drum drying allowed (at lower temperature).
    Do not iron.
    Do not dry clean.

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