VAT included

Sheets made in Microcoral: 115g / m² microseda technological fabric, thread thinner than coral, softer and also warmer even than cotton.

Geometric prints resulting from the most current in two colors to choose from, gray and purple.

Complete set only available for 135, 150 and 180 cm beds.
(If you want another size of sheets, you can contact us and we can make it to you upon request.)
Set includes: one solid flat, one print fitted and one print pillowcase.
Do not iron.
Made in Spain


They are the best of the winter sheets and the latest to join the market.

Manufactured with the latest technologies, made with a new extrafine silk fiber and technological polyamide that provides a microseda fabric, silky, light and the softest of the synthetic fibers, which implies the same advantages and disadvantages as the coraline with the only differs from slightly less thickness, more pleasant touch, more velvety, lighter, warmer and improve perspiration.

If you are looking for high calorific value, these are the best, with the warmth that these sheets give you will not need more heating in the bedroom, it is also a delight to feel their contact.
This type of sheets do not shrink with washes, maximum durability, easy drying, no pebbles.


Care of the thermal sheet sets:

     This type of sheets should be washed before being used for the first time, this will prevent the fabric from making those uncomfortable pellets.

     It is best to wash these garments separately because they can release pellets that are attached to other garments.

     If dryers are used, they should be removed as soon as they are dry, excessive drying can cause wrinkles and premature fading.

     If you look at the sheet against light and you can see through it means that it is not of great quality, the more thread passes, the ideal 30/27 passes on and density of 180 threads or more.

     Never leave your clothes in the washing machine several hours after washing as they can fade and leave marks on clothing.

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