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High-quality microline sheets, with a fluffy and velvety feel, which insulates against humidity and provides warmth.

They are not as thick as coralline, they are very light so they breathe better.

When washed they dry much more quickly than coralline or flannel.

These delicious sheets are extremely soft and have a flower print design on the top and a plain border in the same color as the bottom sheet.

Preparation of the adjustable bottom.



Coralina sheets are the most common and best-selling, their fabric is 100% polyester. They have great calorific value, this fabric is thicker than flannel and the touch is better than thermal ones. A fabric that is light, warm and easy to maintain, it is also used for blankets, pajamas, robes and winter clothing due to its resistance to washing and the warmth it offers.

Despite their thickness, they are quite light and also have a very soft touch and manage to maintain heat, protecting us from humidity and cold.
Washed and dried quite easily, this type of sheets neither shrinks in the wash nor loses color, although they are more expensive than flannel sheets and of higher quality than thermal sheets.

If you are looking for sheets that guarantee that you will not be cold at all and that are very easy to wash, coral sheets will be an excellent choice.


They are the best of the winter sheets and the latest to join the market.

Manufactured with the latest technologies, made with a new superfine silk and technological polyamide fiber that provides a microsilk fabric, silky, light and the softest of synthetic fibers, which implies the same advantages and disadvantages as coralline with the only difference of a little less thickness, more pleasant touch, more velvety, lighter, warmer and improves breathability.

If you are looking for high calorific value, these are the best, with the warmth that these sheets give you will not need more heating in the bedroom, it is also a delight to feel their contact.

This type of sheets do not shrink when washed, maximum durability, easy drying, no pilling.



Flannel fabric has been used for hundreds of years to combat the cold, it is the most traditional and its results are more than proven. Lumberjacks or farmers always wore flannel clothing in winter to protect themselves from low temperatures.

The fabric undergoes a brushing process (combing or mechanical brushing) that extracts the ends of the fibers, giving the garment a softness as pleasant to the touch as a cotton flake, and has long durability.

Flannel sheets are the best known sheets, they are the ones that have been around since they have been on the market for the longest time, they are the most used in medium-cold climates and their composition is more natural as they are mostly made of 100% cotton, they should It should be between 80% and 100% cotton to be considered quality flannel sheets. The higher the cotton content, the better quality the sheet will be.

Cotton provides great quality, that soft texture that will make you not want to take them off and they are very warm, avoiding the cold bed effect so common in winter. Furthermore, the best thing is that they have a high level of breathability and are anti-allergic. They are easy to wash, take longer to dry and wrinkle a little more, but they have a long useful life as they are the most resistant to washing.

Care of thermal sheets:
These types of sheets should be washed before using them for the first time, this will prevent the fabric from making those uncomfortable pills.

It is better to wash these clothes separately because they can release hairs that stick to other clothes.

If we use a dryer, they should be removed from the dryer as soon as they are dry; excessive drying can cause wrinkles and premature fading.

If you look at the sheet against the light and you can see through it, it means that it is not of great quality, the more thread passes, ideally 30/27 passes onwards and a density of 180 threads or more.

You should never leave clothes in the washing machine for several hours after washing as it can discolor and leave marks on the clothes.



  • Cold wash 20º C/ 68º F
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron.
  • Allows dry cleaning; check product label.
  • Allows tumble dry at low temperature

​Made in EU

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