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Discreet long hair polyester 100% carpet perfect for any stay in your home and all kinds of decorations available in a variety of flat colors. Nice touch, simple but with great charm.

Carpets generate comfort by cushioning the noise of our footprints, warmth against cold pavements, division and framing of spaces and environments depending on their size, color, shape and texture.

Customize each stay of your house with our formidable carpets, remember that depending on the size of the carpets, can go well for the living room or bedroom, you can place corridor strips or bed rug.

Variety of models to choose: Long or short hair, single color or with prints, classic or modern style.
In the variety is the spice.




Cleaning carpets and carpets is something essential if in our home we use these decorative elements to create environmental warmth and printing in each room a sophisticated, rustic, classic or modern touch.

The carpets generate comfort by cushioning the noise of our footprints, warmth against cold pavements, division and framing of spaces and environments depending on their size, color, shape and texture.

The use of this type of coatings, in front of their many goodness, always implies a problem, which is the cleaning of carpets, and their maintenance in good condition.

Being usually made with natural fabrics such as wool, vegetable fibers or thread, all of them very absorbent materials, and normally arranged on the floor, are white of all kinds of stains, which will force us if it is large carpets to resort to Some cleaning service at home.

When it comes to cleaning special carpets because of their origin, price or uniqueness, it is best not to play the game trying to solve it personally, so we recommend that you go to some cleaning companies specializing in conservation and cleaning of carpets and tapestries.

If on the contrary, your carpets are of a manageable size, and always following the instructions of the manufacturers we can help you with some tips to clean different types of carpets.

  1. Always read the manufacturer's instructions for the correct cleaning and maintenance of the carpet, in relation to dyes with which it has been made to know if they are solid, or they can be discolored, to apply hygienic treatments or others, Of the cleaning of carpet, guarantee the conservation of its color and texture.
  2. Vacuum several times a week, or even daily if you have pets and children, preventing particles of sand, dust, and hairs from accumulating, leading to the appearance of the dreaded mites, responsible for so many allergies.
  3. Clean fluids that spill on the carpet as soon as possible, and do not allow them to dry. If it is solid or dry, scrape and brush.
  4. Move the carpet and change its position to get a more even and uniform wear avoiding the damage that can cause furniture that may be on it.
  5. A carpet cleaning thoroughly should be done annually.
  6. Before using a cleaning product it is very important to test the product to be used in a small area that is not very visible, so we will see the result before we risk using it in visible area.

    Apply the cleaning product in the area of ​​the stain with a damp sponge, if it is solid, apply product by gently rubbing and let the product act overnight.
    Then apply warm water with a sponge and rub, allow to dry well and finally gently brush the area that was stained.



· A solution of ammonia soap in water, works well both in cleaning carpets of wool and felt, as in acrylic carpets with short hair or polyester, when our pets make their own, or to clean vomiting.

· Stains of fruit juice, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, wine, sauces, egg or blood can be removed with a solution of neutral detergent and white vinegar to be cleaned in warm water.

· Alcohol mixed with water removes sugar residue and glue.

· To remove stains of oil, paint, bitumen, tar, you must use a solvent for cleaning dry carpets.

· After application of the solvent for dry cleaning, paint stains, nail polish or ink must be moistened with a solution of warm water, neutral detergent and cleaning vinegar to finish with a new application of the same solvent. Thus better results.

· To remove wax from candles, or glue gums, first apply a source of dry cold to help you harden the wax, or gum from the chewing gum, you can use one of those hermetic containers of pharmacy for the conservation of medicines. Then try to remove scraping or pulling the remains to be removed. Finally apply solvent for cleaning dry carpets, as we explained in the previous point.

· If the stains to be removed are of mud or recent dirt, they must be left to dry, and once dry brush well. Later we will apply a solution of three parts of water to one of ammonia.

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