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Embroider letters, your initials or full name is the best way to personalize your sheets, towels, bathrobes or tablecloths.
Search your initials on the images to see as they are.

In the images you can see some examples of how some articles are already personalized.

Choose if you want to embroider a letter two initials or full name in the sheets, towels or bathrobe you've added to your shopping cart above.

If you are going to embroider the sheets, make sure they have one or two pillows and select the appropriate option. (One or two pillows).

If you want to embroider a tablecloth and napkins select the option I want to embroider tablecloth 8 Services tablecloth embroidered or want 12 services, depending on the mantel you've added to your shopping cart above.
(8 services are 8 napkins and 12 services is 12 napkins).

If you want to embroider a bathrobe you added earlier in the shopping cart, select I want to embroider a bathrobe.

Once selected you want to embroider, go ahead with the order and a text box, the comments where you can write the letter, initial or full name you want to embroider appear and tell us the color tone that you prefer.
Upon receiving the order we will call you to make sure everything is like you want both color and letters, initials or name.

Embroidery made in Spain.

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