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Cocha bouti with a geometric pattern design in shades of dark green.

This quilt to be composed of an inner padding of wadding, provides you with special comfort and well-being.
It is an ideal garment for the months of half-time, spring or summer.

Includes decorative cushions (sheath only, stuffing not included).
Depending on the size of the quilt will include 1 or 2 units.

100% polyester
Filling: 50% cotton - 50% polyester

Bed 90: 180x270 cm + 1 cushion cover 50x50 cm
Bed 135: 230x270 cm + 1 cushion cover 50x50 cm
Bed 150: 250x270 cm + 2 cushion covers 50x50 cm
Bed 180: 270x270 cm + 2 cushion covers 50x50 cm

The fabric of this bouti quilt makes it virtually wrinkle neither during use nor in washing.

This garment will be one of the essential to dress your bed since she is united design and comfort.

It is a design that will be perfect in any environment and decoration giving a cheerful and sophisticated touch to the whole.

We recommend to read before and carefully follow the indications of the labels of each garment.


Made from fragments of cotton fabric prints carefully stitched in the form of patchwork.

Its reverse is made of printed cotton fabric.

Its light filler is ideal for half-time seasons and as a complement on winter nights.

They are quilts made with the affection of things well done, taking care of the details:

The confection of the patchwork geometry itself, the surrounding frames that combine with each other, beige profiles between the fabrics or occasionally lace or lace appliques that highlight its Provencal allusion .

Its lower corners are rounded for a proper fit when making the bed.

It is a reversible cotton quilt that comes with a 50x50 cm square cushion. (Unfilled) for single bed and two double bed cushions, adds extra cushions of various colors to decorate more fun.


In spring and summer the protagonists of the houses are the quilts of summer or buites.

Remove the duvet and renew your bedroom in the colors of spring with a good summer bedspread or copriletto.

They are very light bedspreads, cool and full of light, with which to dismiss the cold of winter.

The quilts multiply the light that enters the room and fill the room with luminosity.

Think about the color of the wall and look for a color that combines or contrast, the summer bedspreads are made in two colors to choose.

The buties bedspreads have bright colors and are ideal for any bedroom.

Decorate the bedroom of your house with joy, with floral prints of different shapes and sizes, with these summer bedspreads full of color.

It is the reflection of a young and joyful spirit that fills every corner with vitality.

With this colorful bedspread you can decorate your room quickly and easily, it is very easy to make the bed, stretch the bedspread and now!

They are quilts that wash very easily in washing machine with cold water and do not wrinkle anything, they do not need iron.


You can measure the height of the bed and the width to find out which measurement best fits your needs.

Normally quilts come for standard beds, if your bed is very high or very low, you must measure and add the heights twice, you add in the bed and so you know the ideal size of bedspread for your bed.

For bed of 90 cm. You must buy the 180x270 cm. (1 PAD COVER INCLUDED).

For bed of 105 cm. You must buy the 200x270 cm. (1 PAD COVER INCLUDED).

For bed of 135/140 cm. You must buy the 235x270 cm. (2 PADDLINGS INCLUDED).

For bed of 150/160 cm. You must buy the 250x270 cm. (2 PADDLINGS INCLUDED).

For bed of 180 cm. You must buy the 270x270 cm. (2 PADDLINGS INCLUDED).

(Some models are not made in all sizes)

These bedspreads are made in Spain.

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