VAT included

Quilt contemporary design, available in white color, with little sqares embroidered.

Made of 100% percal cotton, it has a very nice touch, ideal for daily use.

Great durability and resistance to washing.

Included in the price; 2 cushions 50X50cm / nº 92 in black color with filling.  

you should choose the size of the comforter, which is perfect for your bed, only if you have a special bed, higher or lower than normal you will have to measure the heights and the height to know which measure is closer to the one you you need.

Quilts made in Spain.

Available for:

For bed of 135 / 140cm: 235x265cm.

For bed 150 / 160cm: 250x265cm.

For bed of ....... 180cm: 275x265cm.

Quilts are perfect bedspreads for shelter during fall or winter nights, will not let the heat escape your bed, keeping your body temperature throughout the night, as well as being the most important decorative element in any room.

When choosing your quilt you will have to take into account the colors. Play with the shades that combine most not only with your quilt but also with the color of the curtains, the color of the walls and with the colors that have your furniture, look for the colors of the entire room are in the same range.

The final decorative touch to your room will give the cushions, you will see how the bedroom changes.

For the decoration with cushions is perfectly the most important thing is to know how to combine them, play with the sizes, shapes and colors.

ATTENTION: do not forget that you can combine your comforter with a nice bed rug that will avoid contact with the cold floor every morning.

The Bed carpets can be seen by clicking here.

The Benefits and Reasons to Buy a Quilt:

  • The quilt is a cover closed by its four sides that houses inside a filling that you do not have to walk changing.
  • The bed is made very easy, with a couple of lugs you have already made the bed.
  • Duvets are very resistant and durable and easy to maintain. Just open the window of your room and let it air a little.
  • The duvet is washed only once or twice a year.
  • The difference between quilts and bedspreads is that the first has a thicker quilting than that of bedspreads. Duvets are more suitable for winter and bedspreads for spring and summer.
  • Duvets are lighter than blankets.
  • Duvets are cheaper than duvet covers.
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