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BAMBOO Eco friendly Nordic quilt, organic quilt duvet, made of bamoo fiber is obtained from cellulose extracted in crops managed in a sustainable manner.


Quilt lined with 100% cotton fabric, with an extra soft leather finish, making this quilt a very pleasant item when in contact with the skin.

Its appearance is shiny like silk, very soft to the touch and light, it is antiallergic, more absorbent than cotton, with the ability to block Ultra Violet rays, protecting from cold and heat.

It has good permeability, it does not wrinkle and it is a very hygroscopic fiber, it absorbs moisture and gives fabrics a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Bamboo has a very special component called Zhu Kun, a natural antibiotic agent capable of eliminating body odor caused by sweating.

If you are convinced to incorporate bamboo in your life it will be a wise decision.

Thickness and heat capacity options.

120 grams / Fine for heated houses.

250 grams / Chubby for the most chilly.

250 grams + 120 grs. / Fold four seasons, use two or remove one.

Characteristics of the bamboo fiber duvet:


Uniform fiber density over the entire surface.

Antifungal, Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Breathable, flexible and adaptable.


Practical bag to keep it until its new use.

Filling: 100% Bamboo fiber.
Lining: 100% Cotton

12 Reasons why bamboo fiber is a rapidly renewable, natural, ecological and sustainable material.

1.- We are facing a very resistant plant. This translates into little or no presence of chemicals during its growth, it does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation for its cultivation and it normally produces 30% more oxygen than other plants.

Although it is sensitive to certain pests, they are rare compared to other species, so it does not require pesticides. The losses caused are not relevant and on rare occasions chemical agents are required.

2.- Its collection does not produce deforestation of forests and absorbs 30% more CO2 than trees.

3.- Bamboo is a biodegradable, compostable material with exceptional properties and for this reason it is used to make textiles and thus leave behind synthetic fibers that, as we have seen previously, are a source of contamination of microplastics that escape through the washing-machine.

4.- Bamboo is very versatile and versatile. Its properties make it a perfect component for the elaboration of all kinds of goods. From a bicycle to a toothbrush, usable for decoration, construction, clothing, energy etc. The applications are innumerable.

5.- With bamboo we can almost completely replace plastic, metal, oil or other types of wood that, as we all know, are highly polluting. We all dream of a world without plastic because its production involves transformation processes that leave a trace and once discarded, recycling is expensive and expensive.

Plastic can take up to 1000 years to degrade, if we see in what quantities it is currently used, the accumulation figures are scary as well as the environmental impact it entails. This reflection can be extrapolated to many other components of which bamboo is a perfect substitute, maintaining the necessary requirements for the manufacture of goods and radically reducing pollution.

6.- Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, which means that it does not leave a trace of contamination after its degradation process. It does not need a recycling process as it is not a compound that requires handling in its waste. We can always choose whether to reuse it or treat it as waste, both options respect the environment.

7.- It is not a scarce resource, it comes from the environment and it can be grown at our whim with ease, so the prices will never be exorbitant. It is a clean and cheap material with incredible characteristics (strength, rigidity, etc.), also called “vegetable steel”.

In short, it is a source of both energy and infinite material, unlike oil, plastic, metal or other resources. Its exploitation is a sustainable model that allows lasting economic systems.

8.- It captures more CO2 than other plants, which is why it is considered a highly efficient plant in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for its subsequent conversion into oxygen, fighting against the greenhouse effect. Bamboo plantations can be a lung for the planet apart from a source of resources, reducing the gases emitted to the ozone layer during their cultivation.

9.- The productive rhythm, resources and time necessary for its plantation is perfect to always satisfy the demand and be able to harvest again. The same resources are used for new plantings over and over again, even in many growing techniques the same stems and roots are used. Its short production cycles allow it to be easily adapted to needs, always being able to have the necessary quantity



Nordic filler can be kept for many years in perfect condition with easy maintenance.

1. Aerate and shake the filling, at least once a week, to regain its natural form.
      Avoid direct sunlight, as it can damage their quality.

2. Save the blank in cloth bag (never plastic), in dry, airy and without light, when not being used.

3. We recommends dry cleaning Nordic filling. in a specialized establishment.


Condiciones de Lavado.

Se puede lavar a 40º

It can be washed in 40º water.

No planchar Do not iron.
No usar legía Do not use legia.
  secadorasuave Dry in a gentle dryer.
  Lavado en seco

It can be dry washed.




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