VAT included

Spook sheet or security blanket, made with organic cotton for bed 90cm.

In addition , as the child grows , the Spook sheet worth you forever , do not buy another .

Your child will sleep safe in your bed without protective barriers .
By introducing the child vest sheet that is in the middle of the bed , avoiding falls.
The sheet ghost does not compromise the safety of the baby and reassure parents who know their child is sleeping safe in bed without protective barriers .

Change your travel cot by Phantom Shroud . Cheaper ! More comfortable !
When children are young , traveling with them is sometimes very heavy.
Often the destination is not properly equipped and so we loaded the travel cot .
The Shroud Ghost is the perfect alternative , cheaper and much less bulky .

Do not go on holiday without it!

It is an extremely useful and versatile product that offers parents an affordable substitute for both uncomfortable travel cot, as safety barriers and sleeping bags .

You can see a video here:
Resistance using of the spook sheet.


Product made in Spain .

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