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Short curl towel sets, 100% cotton jaquard* of maximum absorption and density of 500 grs.

Towels in boxes decorated with grey edging plant motifs over beige tones, which give it a very contemporary style.

Ideal for decorating bathrooms in country houses, rustic or with romantic style.

The Games consist of 3 pieces:
1 - Bath towels (70cm x 140cm).
1 - Washbasin towels (50cm x 100cm).
1 - Dressing towels (30cm x 50cm).

An ideal, useful and very decorative gift, a set of towels always comes in a house.

Jaquard: It is a way of weaving on the looms to create the drawing at the same time that the fabric is manufactured, combining different colors, spinning of different thicknesses and even mixing different materials, in the fabric itself, as if it were a pattern , creating different reliefs and drawings.

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