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Decorative towels, damask towels in clear beige, with a central laurel wreath embroidery.

The central laurel wreath embroidery can be in several colors, in white, gray, maroon, beige or blue.

Damask towels that are used during the baptism of a baby or to decorate your bathroom.

You can buy loose towels or the complete set:

  • Small towel:   45 x 60 cm
  • Large towel: 57 x 110 cm

Our towels combine with all types of bathrooms, light and noble towels to decorate the bathroom in a very elegant and traditional way.

What do you think of these damask towels for your bathroom? Too traditional?

Linen, damask or cotton towels, despite being very traditional, are very aesthetic and fit practically with every decorative style, they break and look great even with the most modern bathrooms.

Its elegant design brings sophistication to the bathroom, highlighting and enhancing the whole.

Flax has been used since the ancient Egyptians to dress and decorate the bathrooms with elegance, in addition, the linen has a shine and a special appearance that brings elegance to any space.

The linen, yarn, cotton or damask towel sets are not only beautiful, they can also be used, they absorb moisture and dry quickly, they also offer a soft and pleasant touch.

We have many models, you will find the perfect game to complement your bathroom.

The best linen towels include small details in crochet or embroidered motifs, with crochet lace in hand-made thread, with hemstitches, also decorated with lace, lace or fringes that achieve an old and traditional style.

These towels can also be used in christenings, usually linen or cotton, with hand-embroidered hemstitches, organdie cambric or bobbin lace.

They are usually used for baptisms of babies, communions and many other celebrations.

We have the perfect christening towels for you, many models to choose from.

You can customize your towels with the baby's full name or initials, you can also customize the game with your initials embroidered.

In the BORDER LETTERS section, (at the end of the menu), you can choose the typeface that you like the most.

Upon receiving the order we will call you to make sure that everything is as you want both the color as the letters, initials or name.

If you need more information about this product or have any other questions, get in touch with us!

Product made in EU.

We advise limiting the use of softener or not using it.

Being a natural fiber, this fabric is recyclable and sustainable, in addition to breathable and resistant washes.

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