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Puffs and upholstered chests of great quality available in Holland velvet fabric or chenille fabric in many colors to choose.

Feet wood legs and opening system with pistons.

Available in two sizes:

  • Big: 110x44x50 cm.
  • Small: 95x36x36 cm.
Resistance: 100kg.

Chests, puff or stools are wonderful items to decorate different rooms and are also very useful.

They will complete your decoration and you will discover the amount of uses that you can give them.

The chest puff with folding or folding seat and top opening is great for storing many things, for example the bedding for that room.

The chest, puff, chest or stool for folding storage is very used as a seat to place it at the foot of the bed and to sit down to put on or take off the shoes.

These small auxiliary furniture are ideal for living room, bedroom or even very well to decorate a hall or a hall.

The ideal solution to gain space, large chests have great storage capacity and will give a modern and distinguished touch to your decoration.


Holland Velvet:

     High quality velvet, perfect and widely used in upholstery.
     It adapts very well to all types of furniture.
     It is softer to the touch and is widely used for domestic use.
     Easy to cut, sew, stick and work with but tough and ideal for sofas, cushions, seats.

Chenille fabric:

     Fabric with velvety appearance.
     Fabric with a soft touch and a voluminous appearance.
     In addition, very resistant and therefore are used in upholstery.


Additional product information

SIZE: 95 x 36 x 36 cm.

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