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MODEL: Towels in blue, orange or black and with a mosaic diamond pattern.
Set of towels with a very modern design, makes it especially attractive for decorative use, providing design, and color to your bathroom.

Also due to its high quality this towel is highly recommended for daily use.

Terry towel 500 gr. 100% cotton, very fluffy, characterized by its natural softness, since we do not use softeners in its production, which provides great absorbent power and dry very well from the first use.

Three colors to choose from, these colors are combinable and you can combine the different models and colors of towels as they appear in the photos.

Find the combination that most coordinates with your bathroom.

The set consists of 3 towels and you can choose the towel set with bath towel or shower towel.


1 - Shower Towels (70cm x 140cm).
1 - Washbasin Towels (50cm x 100cm).
1 - Toilet towels (33cm x 50cm).


1 - Bath towels (100cm x 150cm).
1 - Washbasin Towels (50cm x 100cm).
1 - Toilet towels (33cm x 50cm).

Washing tips:

Wash your bath products at 60º to favor the disinfection of the garments.

Always hang this garment in the most open way possible, this way you will avoid odors, fungi and it will help drying.

Avoid the use of softeners in the washing of your clothes as they will reduce the drying capacity of them.

After washing, air your laundry until it is completely dry.

The use of the dryer is recommended, will provide sponge and softness to your garment.
Made in EU.
100% Algodón
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