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Feather Pillows medium firm, 100% Cotton cover high strength and filling 90% Feather & 10% Feather.

One of the most comfortable pillow is stuffed of feather or duvet down as it maintains the perfect balance between firmness and softness, hardness and softness and adapts to the head with exquisite perfection.

Some consider it a disadvantage that do not have "memory" like other materials such as viscoelastic but if we want to recover the body will be as simple as esponjarlas a bit and be perfect.

Another advantage is that they are very durable if they receive appropriate care; if we find that they have lost body with just two minutes in a dryer recover their properties.

Usually duck or goose and sterilized to remove them after they are in a sanitary condition.

Terms of Laundering


Maximum temperature 30 degrees.
Wash, rinse and short spin and smooth with reduced spin.

legia Do not bleach, prohibited.
seco Dry, any mineral and perchlorethylene solvent may be employed.
Washing should be gentle with caution and if reduced spin machine.
no_secadora No  secadora.
plancha Do not iron.


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